Which class is right for my child?

The answer is not a simple one; however, there are guidelines we can use to determine what will work best.

Age 3 & under:
Parent & Tot is best if your child still makes strange or gets jumpy when in unknown places, and or this is their first experience doing gymnastics.

Preschool (3-5) is best if your child is in daycare and is confident being without mom or dad.

Age 4 & 5:
Preschool is best if your child has not done many activities outside of play groups.

Active Start 4-5 is a strictly structured class that lasts for one hour, once per week.
This will prepare your child to enter into one of our CanGym classes as required.

Good listening and motivation are key elements for this class.  DDGC reserves the right to transfer a child back to an Active Start 3-5 class if the child is not at the proper participation level for this class.

Age 5-Teen

Should my child do 1 or 2 days of training?

The answer: What does your child wish to accomplish with gymnastics?  If gymnastics is for fun, then 1 day per week is just fine.  If gymnastics is a passion, your child talks about competing, then 2 days per week.

My daughter is a perfectionist and wants to compete. Where does she go?

If she is ages 5-7 then Pre-Competitive might be a great fit.  Ages 8-10 potentially Interclub. Some of these girls eventually transfer to Competitive.

My child is moving up in levels now. How many days or hours ought she be doing?

CanGym Levels 1-2 are achievable with a full season of one 1 hour class.  Level 3-4, the recommendation is one 1.5 or 2 hour class.  Levels 4-5, the recommendation is for two 1 hour classes in a week or one 2 hour class.  Levels 6-7-8, the recommendation is for two 2 hour classes.  Levels 9-10-11-12, the recommendation is for three 2 hour classes in a week.  Otherwise it may take 2-3 full seasons to complete the badge level.

If your child is doing two 2 hour classes, you may wish to explore Interclub.  This allows your child to experience competitions is a very relaxed manner.  They are graded on a Bronze, Silver & Gold leveling.  The competition is about showcasing what they have learned and what they can do.

Entry is through testing and acceptance of the Coach and Head Coach as spaces are limited.

CANGYM is a national recreational gymnastics program.  It includes 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of each set of skills.

Progress reports are given twice a year (December & May)