For those children who show the interest and ability, Duncan Gymnastics offers a Pre-Competitive program.

The Pre-Competitive program is designed to identify and train those children who appear to possess the appropriate physical and psychological qualities necessary to participate in the sport at a competitive level. Often these girls have been introduced to gymnastics through Duncan Dynamics CanGym Program.

Pre-Competitive gymnasts train 4 hours per week and work towards readying themselves to move up to one of the competing teams. The focus of the Pre-Competitive Program is on elementary body and apparatus technique which also includes some dance preparation.

Athlete Eligibility:

Athletes must be 5 years of age as of December 31 of that year

Entry is by testing and approval of the Head Coach

Requirements and Costs

Fees based on # of training hours/week – Min 4 hours per week over 2 days of training.

Annual Insurance Fee: $15.00/year, renewable every September 1st.

Membership Fee: $40.00/year, renewable every September 1st

More information is available at the Office.