The Interclub Program is designed to train those children who possess the appropriate physical and psychological qualities necessary to participate in the sport on a competitive level. This program is offered to children between the ages of 6 to 18 years. Children enter this program from the pre-competitive or the advanced recreational program.

Interclub gymnasts train between 4 and 10 hours per week. The focus of this program is to develop skills required for competition. Interclub gymnasts will be learning new skills, to be presented in routines that will be utilized in competitions against other clubs. The gymnast’s participation in a competition will be determined by the coach and will depend on the athlete’s readiness. These competitions are invitationals and they are meant to provide the gymnast with the ability to compete in a fun atmosphere, there is no pressure, except to “try your best.”

The two Interclub categories are Performance and Performance Plus. In Performance, athletes perform routines which are given positive feedback. In Performance Plus, athletes perform routines and receive scores that coincide with gold, silver or bronze ribbons on each event.

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Athlete Eligibility

Athletes must be 6 years old as of December 31 of that year

Entry is by testing and approval of the Head Coach

Requirements and Fees

Membership/Insurance Fee: $57.00/yr

GymBC:  $15.00
Gym Canada:  $5.30
DDGC:  $35.70

Registration Fee:  based on # of training hours/week – Min 4hrs/week (Sept-June) + summer training days

Volunteer Fee: $100

Billed Dec & Jun ($50 x 2)
These fees are waived when 4 volunteer activities per athlete are completed through the season of Sept-June

Competition Fees:  $50 – $100

Gymnast must attend at least 2 competitions in the season
Coach will recommend competitions

Coaches fees: Varies according to the location and number of athletes attending competition.

Mandatory Meeting: Annual General Meeting in November