How to Register…..

To go and view classes or head back to register
Member Login
Click on Classes

Note: Some classes are Sept-June / Some are Sept-Dec
Default setting will show all classes

Enter your child’s age, press submit.
You DO NOT need to use every drop down menu!!

The number of openings shows spots available in a class
A negative number means there is a wait list for the class

Want to register….
To start a new Parent Account & Register:
Member Login
Page opens in a new tab
You can reference back to this page

First: Click Create an Account
This sets up your Online Account
Enter your family information & password
You can edit your account any time by yourself
Changed phones? You can go in and update!

Please stop and read our Policies
So many questions are answered by reading these policies

Next: Enter your children
Please complete ALL allergy and medical info
Please enter a Care Card Number in the Policy field

Wanting to pay via cheque or cash??
Wanting to pay installments instead of monthly or full season??

Stop here… come into the office
We can sit down together and choose a class

Planning to request funds from KidSport or JumpstartÉ
Stop here…come into the office to register

Wanting to pay via credit card??
Please continue…

Next, add your payment information
Left hand side of screen, click “Manage Payment Options”
Enter your credit card information and save

Now pick a class

The next screen will ask if you want to pay for the season or monthly payments

In the box “Anything else we need to know” you can ask questions or you can let me know if we have discussed an exception for this class, or anything you are wondering about…

The next screen will show you the tuition for the season or per month
This is ONLY the cost of the classes
Your registration fees will be billed separately on September 1st

The system will take you through a few pages, checking for additional classes, checking for discounts, until it finally says Registration Successful

The system will email you a registration confirmation

If you are adding your name to a wait list, you must continue right through the cart system until it comes to the registration complete page otherwise you ARE NOT on the wait list