Evening Drop-ins will continue through Spring Break (March 13th – March 26th).

All regular daytime drop-ins are suspended during Spring Break.

September 1st started a NEW SEASON!!
ALL insurance is due again.
New season: $22.00 for drop-in.


We have a number of Supervised Drop-In play times here at the gym.

These are NOT classes. There is NO instruction. Supervision ONLY.

First time you come, you MUST do the following to be admitted:
1) Fill out paperwork including signature, parent/guardian/supervisor if you are under 18
2) Pay $22 for insurance/membership with Gymnastics BC/Canada. This is province wide insurance.

Drop-In Playtime Age Rules:
1. The Drop-In Playtime is for ages listed for each individual drop-in.

Drop-In Playtime Gym Rules:
1. No rough play. Example: no hitting other children with the pool noodles!!
2. Always listen to the coach. The Coach is Charge is looking out for you and your safety!!

Trampoline and Deck Rules:
2. Inversions (Flips) are NOT PERMITTED at any time on the Trampolines or Tumble Trak unless with the permission of the Coach in Charge.

Foam Pit Rules:
1. Please DO NOT THROW your child into the Foam Pit
2. No hiding in the Foam Pits. Child must be visible at all times.

The DDGC Coach in Charge:
The purpose of the Coach in Charge is to ensure everyone is safe while enjoying their experience. Please follow his or her instructions at all times. If there is any equipment that you would like to use that is not easily accessible, please ask the Coach in Charge to get it for you. The Coach in Charge will not be instructing skills or leading activities, but they are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

We want to everyone to enjoy a safe facility, and it is expected that participants follow the rules to help us achieve that. Anyone not doing so may receive a warning and/or be ejected from Drop-In. Two warnings in one session will result in you being removed from Drop-In. Two removals or more may result in you being permanently blocked from participating in the Drop-In program.

DDGC reserves the right to limit the number of participants during these time slots. Space is limited. Therefore, participants may be turned away if we reach capacity.

Note: There must ALWAYS be a minimum of two children present in order to open drop-in, Please DO NOT drop your child and leave before knowing if there are the minimum number of children present.

Please see each individual pages re: our different drop-ins for more information about each specific one.

What to wear:
Tight fitted clothing is best. Tight t-shirt and shorts.
No socks. No skirts, dresses or really loose clothing. It can catch in the equipment.
Long hair must be secured up off the face in a ponytail, braids, bun or other fashion.

**NOTE: Our coach will open the doors at start time. If no children or adults show up for the drop in session within 15 minutes past the official start time, the coach will close up and head home.