Camp Policies

Please read all camp information and how to register in order to avoid any confusion in regards to camps.

DDGC reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss any camp participant from the program in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of fellow participants. Should a child refuse to participate, or causes repeated disruptions at camp, the parent will be called and the child will need to be picked up immediately. Early dismissal for non-participation or disruptions will not result in a refund.

DDGC reserves the right to move camp attendees, especially age 5 children, between camp programs based on ability and to potentially avoid any camp cancellations.

If a camp does not fill to its minimum required capacity one week prior to its start date, DDGC reserves the right to cancel the camp and refund all fees.

Camp minimums:
Co-ed age 5-12 (3 minimum)
Co-ed age 3-5 (3 minimum)

Parents must create a Parent Portal account in order to register for camps.
Camps must be pre-paid in full.
Payment is via credit card online or cash, cheque, CC or debit card in the office.

Camps are non-refundable.
Credits for illness/injuries only and ONLY if you contact us.

If your child is ill, please DO NOT bring them to camp.
If you contact us, you will receive a credit on your account if they are sick.

Sign In/Sign Out: Your child must be signed in and signed out by an escort each day.

Parents should arrive 5-10 minutes early to pick up at the end of the day.
Late pick-up beyond 10 minutes will incur a $25 charge.

Camp Structure

Children practice basic gymnastics skills through drills, games, equipment time, etc. They are not 100% free play time due to additional groups who will be in the gym.

What to Wear

Girls -bodysuit, snug shorts
Boys – snug t-shirt and shorts
For safety reasons, no baggy clothes and long hair needs to be secured.


For each 4 hour block, please bring a small, quick to eat snack.
For full day, please bring 2 snacks plus 1 lunch.
Water bottle – refillable on site

Peanuts are to be avoided please.
On your 1st day at camp, please watch for any allergy bulletins.
They will be posted next to the sign in/sign out sheets.
We enforce a strict no food sharing policy.
Please let us know of any serious food allergies or sensitivities ahead of time so our leaders are aware and extra diligent.

Ages 5-12 Camps:

Kindergarten to Grade 7 – 5 yr old exceptions may be made based on the ability/experience of the child but this child MUST be going into Kindergarten in the fall.

Ages 3-5 Preschool Camps:

No child under the age of 3 may attend this camp (safety reason)
5 Yr olds must not be entering grade 1 in the fall.