Birthday Parties


Parties are booking 3 weeks out right now…. so book early!!

Best time to call to book:
Tuesdays-Fridays 2:30-6:30pm
Saturdays 9:30am-2:00pm


1) Everyone can participate! Even the Adults!! Tons of FUN for everyone.
2) We provide all the supervision, even for the adults!!
3) Choose between a structured party or free play gym time.
4) Easy… phone us to book your party. We do ask you come in to pay though.
5) No Stress. No Mess. Save your house from the Party Chaos.
6) Great value for the dollar. Where else can you book this type of equipment??

We Provide:
All the set-up for the party…. arrive… relax… have fun!!
Party room with tables, chairs and table coverings!
Pick your color!! Name me a color. I likely have it.
Fridge & microwave upon request.
The final clean-up! We sweep the floor, wipe down the tables & chairs.
Free electronic party invitations upon request.

You Provide:
Easy paperwork (day of the party): Names & ages of participants.
Food, drinks and cake.
Presents and goody bags.
The super special birthday child!

Plates, cups, napkins and cutlery……
Want us to provide them??….. Just Ask!!
We can do this for an extra $10!

Party Options & Costs:
Our Traditional Party – Floor Time + 45 minutes in the Party Room

1st) Coach led gymnastics floor time – you chose the amount of time
2nd) 45 min parent led party room time

Birthday Child + 9 friends included in price
Additional Participants – $10 each
Max 18 participants

1 hour – $130
1 hr 15min – $155
1 hr 30 min – $180
1 hr 45min – $205
2hrs – $230

Floor Time Only Parties:
Birthday Child + 9 friends
Additional participants – $10 each
Max 18 participants, unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.

1 hour Coach led Gymnastics $100
1.25 hour Coach led Gymnastics $125
1.5 hour Coach led Gymnastics $150
1.75 hour Coach led Gymnastics $$175
2 hour Coach led Gymnastics $200

*A Party participant is defined as anyone going on the equipment or in the foam pits. Anyone can participate in our parties; however, they MUST be listed on the party paperwork in order to have insurance activated.
Looking for something different? Ask us.
We are quite flexible around here.

Parties are normally held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Again, ask us if you are looking for something different – we might be able to accommodate if there is nothing else going on in the gym at that time.

Booking Your Party:

You can book your party over the phone with us. We will hold your spot.
Parties must be booked at least one week prior to the party.
We suggest booking one month out though as we are full almost every weekend now.
You can call within the week but no guarantees!!

Payment in full is due within 5 days of booking.
Payment options:
Credit card over the phone immediately secures your spot.
Cash, cheque or credit card in the office (NO debit). Your spot is NOT secured until payment is received.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancelled with more than 14 days’ notice: $10 admin fee
Cancelled 14 days or less: no refund*
*Unless we can re-book your spot with full payment. Subject to a $20 admin fee

Party Policies

What to wear: No zippers, buttons, dresses, tutus or skirts.
Tight t-shirt and shorts are best!! Long hair tied back is a MUST!!
No runners, shoes or socks on the gymnastics floors.

Please be on time for your party. We cannot extend your party time as there will likely be another party after yours.

Children: Children must stay with the coach. Children choosing to not participate and/or stay with the coach must stay inside the party room. NO wandering around.

All party participants are expected to follow the rules of DDGC and the direction of the coach. Participants not following the instructions will be given one warning and then they will be asked to sit in the party room.

Children under four must be accompanied by a parent. 2:1 ratio
A four-year-old staying alone is at the discretion of the parent.

Preschool parties: an adult assisting a child on the equipment = Free
An adult going on equipment or in the foam pits = party participant

If an adult comes out of the party room, they must….
Not going on equipment – they MUST sign a waiver.
Going on the equipment or in the foam pits – they MUST be listed as a participant.

Parents signed in on the waiver will be given one warning about going on equipment. After one warning, they will be added to the party list and be paid for accordingly.
Any adult deemed to be under the influence of alcohol will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. They may watch from the foyer; however, they will not be allowed in the gym or in the party room.

Party Room Time: Once in the party room, children are not allowed back in the gym.
Party parent is responsible for keeping children inside the party room at all times.

Please note – Parties are NOT private gym bookings.
There may be other classes/groups in the gym during a party.


Insurance – Birthday parties

Birthday party participants who are not already club members, are considered to be one-time visitors. Only liability insurance (not accident insurance) is provided for the one-time visitors at a birthday party. Full GBC coverage is provided to any registered club member who attends a birthday party. Visitors and their parents should be properly informed of this. The Party Parent is responsible for informing the participant parents of this policy.


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